Christmas Hampers

Every Christmas, the Canadian Women’s Club of Barbados is pleased to distribute Gift Hampers to a few Elderly folks in our community.      The types of items we look out for to include in the hampers are listed below.

In early December each year, several of our Members volunteer to get together in Rockley to wrap these gift hampers so that they are ready for distribution.

  • For Ladies:
    o Night gowns (sizes: Medium, Large & X-Large)
    o Socks
    o Soap
    o Powder
    o Body Cream
    o Tooth paste
    o Individual tooth brushes (no multi-packs please as these cannot be separated for sanitary reasons)
    o Hair nets
  • For Men: 
    o Vests (size: Medium)
    o Underpants (sizes: Medium & Large)
    o Socks
    o Soap
    o Toothpaste
    o Individual tooth brushes (again, no multi-packs please)
  • Christmas paper
  • Christmas gift tags

For anyone who will be donating any of the listed items, the cut-off date for delivery in 2018 is Monday 3rd December  at either:
South Coast – Ann Smith, Community Services Chair, Rockley Resort    (Cell# 262-5045); or
West Coast – Kelly Lewis, VP, Holders Hill    (Cell #262-5868)

For anyone who would like to give a cash contribution in 2018 towards the purchase of items for this cause please, before the end of November 2018, make a cheque payable to “Canadian Women’s Club” and mail to:

Canadian Women’s Club
P.O. Box 258W
Worthing, Christ Church

                                                              Re:  Christmas Hampers

A big “thank you” to each and everyone of you who is able to contribute to this cause. Our elderly recipients always look forward to receiving these gifts from us at Christmas time!