Executive Committee


If you would like to get involved in the leadership of the CWC and are interested in becoming a member of the CWC Executive Committee we are now seeking nominations for the CWC executive 2020-2021! 

Elected!  To be sworn in December 9th at the CWC AGM.

President : Meredith Mottley Haynes
 Director of Bain Land Development (trinidad) ; Former Editor of Maco Magazine; Marketing, Brand & Social Media  Consultant;  Canadian Citizen, Graduate of McGill University, Has lived in Barbados for 20 years; Mother of Three
Vice President : Jennifer Juman
 Business Development / Commercial Project Management Cable & Wireless Communications; Graduate of The University of Toronto and MBA from Sobey’s School of Business; Canadian Citizen; Has lived in Barbados for 18 years
Secretary : Amanda McKenzie
Owner, Grow It!, a health food company which specializes in producing fresh sprouts, micro greens, and healthy products. Grow It! which was the Winner of “Bank On Me” CBC Televised Business Competition in 2016;  Graduate of McMaster University; Chartered Financial Analyst; Has lived in Barbados for 17 years
Treasurer : Kristin Boland  (returning CWC executive member)
 Director & General Manager of  Lone Star Management Ltd.; Graduate of the University of Calgary; Has lived in Barbados for 26 years; Mother of 2
Newsletter Chair : Debra Branker 
Director of Welchman Hall Gully, BA in Environmental Studies at Carlton University; MSc in Ethnobotany at Kent University in England; Has lived in Barbados for 40 years; Has One Child attending St Michael’s School
Asst Newsletter : Ravina Thomas  (returning CWC executive member)
Owner of Better Balance Being, a holistic health solutions company; M.Ed Mount St Vincent University; Teacher 20 years w York Region District School Board;  Lived in Barbados for 5 years; One child attending Providence
Membership : Gabrielle Devillers Wilson 
 Occupational Therapist specialized in Pediatry; President of the Barbados Occupational Therapy Association, and Newsletter Chair for the Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists; Graduate of McGill University
Assistant Membership :  Merzena Khan
General Practitioner in Private Practice with a Specialty in Dermatology;  Graduate of the University of Manitoba; Graduate of the University of Wales; Canadian Citizen; Has lived in Barbados for 14 years; Owner and Manager of Mr Q’s Sports Bar & Restaurant on Bay Street.
Community Services : Ann Smith  (returning CWC executive member)
Managing Director at Plum Tree Club, Rockley Resorts; Has lived in Barbados for 44 years, Mother of Two
Past President : Heather Laughlin  (returning CWC executive member)
Major Fundraiser; President of the PTA at Providence Secondary School, Mother of three, Has lived in Barbados for 20 years