Art & Day Tours

Donna’s Art & Day Tours!

Donna Sealy loves art and special events so every few weeks during the Winter months she organizes tours to go and see different art shows as they open, or arranges a tour of an interesting site/event on the island.

Tours range in size dramatically, depending on the venue, so they are intimate, and always very interesting.  Donna always tries to get a knowledgeable guide (sometimes the artist themselves!) to give more information than you would be likely to get visiting on your own plus the camaraderie with friends makes every trip special. After the tour, the group often stops to have a coffee or lunch at a special spot near the venue.  Prices for every event varies but are generally modest.

Donna is always thinking about where to go next so will happily consider any of your ideas about where to go, or put you on her group list, and notify you as she plans her next outing!

If you love art or special tours and want to sign up with Donna please get in touch with her via email: [email protected]