Penny’s Wellness Group

“Penny’s Wellness Group, a 12 week Program of The Canadian Women’s Club of Barbados”

This weekly interactive program is fun and very educational (and no charge to CWC members!)

Every Friday around 9.30 am morning we usually start with Aqua Fit and Aqua Yoga at Plum Tree Club swimming pool or 1/2 hour of Chair Yoga Meditation to soft music in the Activities Room at Plum Tree Club. 

At 10 a.m. we meet in the Activities Room for our morning Presentations and Discussions on stimulating and interesting Wellness subjects. Each person takes a turn to present her topic (Penny assists with the research) and we all have the opportunity to share our own experiences and expertise that relates to the subject. During the discussions we have coffee, tea and biscuits provided for the group.

Some of our topics over the past winters have been: “Hearing Aids & New Technology”; “15 Simple Ways to Live a Happy Life”; “The Art (and Blessing) of Giving”; “How To Eat Mindfully”; “Spirit Guides”; “Music Tunes The Heart”; “Hand Reflexology”; “Coping Mechanisms”; “Chair Yoga”,” Sex over 65″, “Laughter Therapy”, “Dementia”, etc., etc.

Topics suggested by our participants for January 2019 are, “Some Sun Is Good For You”; “Toxic Relationships” (a role-playing presentation); “Nutrition – new findings”; “Depression and Anxiety”; “Weigh-To-Go”, (on the scale and questions & answers about healthy lifestyle); “Brain Fuel”; “Anti-Cancer” (everything you need to know); “Herbs” (medicinal benefits & tasting party). We look forward to your suggestions about new technologies and current topics which we may chose for our January 2019 program!

This is not just a Wellness Program, it is a Sisterhood that has bonded us over the winter months (actually it will be 27 winters this year!)

If you would like to join Penny’s Wellness Group, please contact:
Dr. Penny Bowman, D.Hum; Behavioural Psychologist
[email protected]

Previous Participants of Penny’s Wellness Group